Mano’s Priorities

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Balancing the scales of justice

  • Continue Jeff Adachi’s legacy of ensuring our clients get fair trials and vigorous advocacy.
  • End cash bail, restoring the presumption of innocence and moving away from distorted outcomes that are hardships on clients’ families.
  • Provide top notch advocacy by thoroughly preparing cases for trial and skillfully locating expert opinions that fit into the theme of the case.
  • Secure funding for support staff and provide early, collaborative investigation consults and case planning efforts for new cases.
  • Jury trials are a cornerstone of democracy. Let’s do what we can to ensure that jury selection reflects the community of the accused.
  • Keep prosecutors accountable, disincentivize overcharging and late discovery.
  • Keep police accountable through effective collection and documentation of police misconduct.
  • Establish an Integrity Unit, investigating convictions to make sure the sentence was fair.
  • Work with the Immigration Unit to guarantee right to counsel to clients at risk of deportation.
  • Support client rehabilitation efforts through ‘alternative courts’ to facilitate successful completion.
  • Open source our public defense work to train other offices on more effective advocacy techniques and structures, supporting statewide and national movements for criminal justice reform

Real community engagement

  • Support San Francisco families trying to escape the criminal legal system
  • Engage transitional age youth with civic engagement cohorts to develop positive peer communities.
  • Hire boots-on-the-ground social workers to activate communities and support clients with
    • Mental health treatment
    • Drug rehabilitation
    • Enrollment in Free City College
    • Tech internships
  • Courtwatch: Demystify the criminal legal system by developing structures for community members to observe courtroom processes.

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